Tuesday, November 22, 2016

More from I, A.M. Custom Color - "Aset"

Hey loves! Well, it appears that when I said I would be blogging on my own terms, I meant it. Cause here I am, days upon days later, and a full three manis later. Sheesh. Maybe I should step up my game a bit.

I am really excited about today's polish. I love thermals, and I have discovered my new fave. Normally I don't get to see the color change unless I'm washing my hands, but this one changed constantly and I am in LOOOOOVE.

The polish I'm raving like a lunatic about is called "Aset", from the I, A.M. Custom Color Moon Mythos Collection. Named after the goddess Aset, better known to us as the Egyptian Goddess Isis, this polish is an amazing thermal that changes from Black to white, but with an entire range of colors in between thanks to the dazzling iridescent flakies and glitters. Witchcraft, I tell you! I have seen navy blue, purple, shimmering light blue, lavender, black with swirling colors and sparkling white come out as the predominant color in this polish. I spent way too much time staring at my nails and not being productive. But it's okay because this one gave me the happy. Isis herself would rock this!

Let's take a peek at the color change first. I had to use the water trick to really capture this since my hands were ridiculously warm at the time.

Two coats plus top coat here:

Tell me that isn't gorgeous! The opalescence in this one rocks my socks. Squee!!

Here's the entire color change to warm.

I really think this is the prettiest thermal I have ever worn. You know a polish is something special when my husband comments on it, and he loved this one.

Just a few more pics, okay? I mean, this girl is a star. She needs to be adored! These are in artificial light, late at night. You can really see the blue come out here. So freaking beautiful. I love you, Aset. Don't ever leave me.

As if it wasn't crystal clear, I am deeply in love with this one. Application was incredibly smooth, which is always impressive with a polish with both flakies and glitter. Despite the light color when warm, this one is opaque in two easy coats and completely smooth with only top coat. Again I feel the need to mention removal since I failed to used a peel off base coat. Again. Was a non-issue though since this was easily removed with my little acetone scrubby jar with no actual effort. I think it took maybe five minutes to remove this entire mani with no extra scrubbing or cursing. I have no idea how that is even possible, so I'm gonna chalk it up to voodoo or something.

Aset is a definite must have for any polish fiend. You can grab one for yourself, as well as the rest of the Moon Mythos collection at I, A.M. Custom Color Cosmetics. The Sun, Death, and Love Mythos are also still available, as well as a plethora of other awesome polishes and products.

I tried out one of the I, A.M. Custom Color stamping polishes the other day, so I'll have that coming up.

Thanks for dropping by!

** Press Sample. Product provided in exchange for honest review. Opinions are my own and not influenced in any way by gifts or discounts.**

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