Sunday, November 27, 2016

Girly stamping with I, A.M Custom Color Cosmetics Artist Inks

Do you guys see how much I am slacking? At least I feel like I'm slacking. In reality my dad is in the hospital with a major COPD exacerbation episode that almost took him from us. He's been there since Wednesday, and I have no idea when he will come home, but at least he is coming home. Thankfully my hubby is my father's live in caretaker otherwise we would have lost him. On hubby's bday his mother had a heart attack (she's home and okay now", and we woke this morning to the news that his biological father (His Dad, who adopted him when he was 2, passed away in 2014, a few months before my mother) that had just tracked him down passed away from a massive heart attack last night. 2016 Has been a seriously fucked year.

I'm still fighting this damned depression, but Dr. P prescribed Abilify to go with my Lexapro and rescue Xanax so hopefully that will help. I refuse to just lay down and let it have me though, so here I am, doing happy things to keep me going. Polish being one of them. Ashlie will never know how much this package of polish has helped. Loves her.

Okay, Vix. Enough of that. Let's see some pretty nail art!

I don't really do girl very often. It's just not me. But sometimes I want to do something cute and perky, so I grabbed a very pink polish, my stamper and scraper (also from I, A.M. Custom Color. Thanks Ashes!), and Dali from the I, A.M. Custom Color Artist's Inks nail art polishes and settled down for some fun.

I chose Catrice Aretha's R-E-S-P-E-C Pink as my base color, and man! Is that seriously pink! Then I grabbed my stamping plates and after much indecision I settled on the Hello Kitty image from one of my extra large plates and prepared for the cute. The result is so cute I can't even handle it.

Dali is an impressive stamping polish as well. It's a bright white creme with a perfect consistency for stamping. I tried it with a few different images and it never dried too fast to pick up the image on the first shot. I'm very used to Konad white, which can dry too fast and loves to smear the moment top coat hits it. I did not have any issues with Dali at all. I am itching to play with the rest of the Artist's Inks now. The Hello Kitty image was not the best choice for an actual mani though, since the etching is a bit shady. It's very shallow in some spots so it never picks up entirely. I wanted to mention that so you guys know it has nothing to do with the polish, it's literally just not a great quality image.

This is also my first time working with a clear stamper. It's taking some getting used to since I have used the same stamping method forever and have had no placement issues. I dig this thing but I confused myself for a bit there. Any tips? Again, a huge thanks to Ashlie for sending that little gem along. (If you can't tell, she puts her heart and soul into everything and appreciates the hell our of every one of her customers.)

Anyway.......Heeeeeeeeere's Dali!! (Was that too much?) It does look slightly pinkish here, but that's the pink from the base color reflecting back.

I told you it's girly! But it's just so damned cute. I wore this for a good 4 days and had zero issues with stamping wearing off. I'm not a fan of most stamping polishes outside of Konad, but these have won me over. I have a ton more of these so you'll be seeing a lot more stamping.

You can grab the Artist's Inks as singles or as sets at I, A.M. Custom Color Cosmetics. One of the other impressive things are the colors themselves. There is the basic set with Black, White, and Grey, as well as metallics with earthier tones and pastels. They are great for base polish for nail art as well since they dry quickly and are generally one coaters.

What do you guys think of my girly nails? Are you ready for some more from The IAMCCC Mythos Collection yet?

I'll be back soon! Thanks for visiting my little den.

**Press Sample. Opinions are my own and are not influenced by samples or discounts.**

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

More from I, A.M. Custom Color - "Aset"

Hey loves! Well, it appears that when I said I would be blogging on my own terms, I meant it. Cause here I am, days upon days later, and a full three manis later. Sheesh. Maybe I should step up my game a bit.

I am really excited about today's polish. I love thermals, and I have discovered my new fave. Normally I don't get to see the color change unless I'm washing my hands, but this one changed constantly and I am in LOOOOOVE.

The polish I'm raving like a lunatic about is called "Aset", from the I, A.M. Custom Color Moon Mythos Collection. Named after the goddess Aset, better known to us as the Egyptian Goddess Isis, this polish is an amazing thermal that changes from Black to white, but with an entire range of colors in between thanks to the dazzling iridescent flakies and glitters. Witchcraft, I tell you! I have seen navy blue, purple, shimmering light blue, lavender, black with swirling colors and sparkling white come out as the predominant color in this polish. I spent way too much time staring at my nails and not being productive. But it's okay because this one gave me the happy. Isis herself would rock this!

Let's take a peek at the color change first. I had to use the water trick to really capture this since my hands were ridiculously warm at the time.

Two coats plus top coat here:

Tell me that isn't gorgeous! The opalescence in this one rocks my socks. Squee!!

Here's the entire color change to warm.

I really think this is the prettiest thermal I have ever worn. You know a polish is something special when my husband comments on it, and he loved this one.

Just a few more pics, okay? I mean, this girl is a star. She needs to be adored! These are in artificial light, late at night. You can really see the blue come out here. So freaking beautiful. I love you, Aset. Don't ever leave me.

As if it wasn't crystal clear, I am deeply in love with this one. Application was incredibly smooth, which is always impressive with a polish with both flakies and glitter. Despite the light color when warm, this one is opaque in two easy coats and completely smooth with only top coat. Again I feel the need to mention removal since I failed to used a peel off base coat. Again. Was a non-issue though since this was easily removed with my little acetone scrubby jar with no actual effort. I think it took maybe five minutes to remove this entire mani with no extra scrubbing or cursing. I have no idea how that is even possible, so I'm gonna chalk it up to voodoo or something.

Aset is a definite must have for any polish fiend. You can grab one for yourself, as well as the rest of the Moon Mythos collection at I, A.M. Custom Color Cosmetics. The Sun, Death, and Love Mythos are also still available, as well as a plethora of other awesome polishes and products.

I tried out one of the I, A.M. Custom Color stamping polishes the other day, so I'll have that coming up.

Thanks for dropping by!

** Press Sample. Product provided in exchange for honest review. Opinions are my own and not influenced in any way by gifts or discounts.**

Friday, November 18, 2016

I, A.M. Custom Color Cosmetics Death Mythos Collection- Hel

If you are not familiar with the Mythos 2016 Collection from I, A.M. Custom Color,  you should run over to and prepare to fall in love. The Mythos Collection is a 4 parter with 6 polishes in each set, each one inspired by a different deity from different mythologies. This is one of the things I love about IAMCCC - Ashlie takes inspiration from unique and amazing things.

Today I have Hel from the Death Mythos Collection. Hel is named after the Norse Goddess who rules over Helheim, the Norse underworld, and Loki's daughter. Here's a great link if you want to learn more about the awesome inspiration for this polish: Hel

Hel (the polish) is a blackened navy jelly with green and copper flakies. Despite the base being a navy, on the nail Hel appears as a deep emerald green that darkens into blue at certain angles. I suck and couldn't capture that angle, but no matter - Hel is so freaking gorgeous that it doesn't matter. I wanted to swim in it, seriously. I took a ton of pics, but nothing does this baby justice.

For this mani I used 2 coats of Hel, topped with SV. I was thrilled with the formula, since glitter and jelly usually means thick and gritty and Hel was nowhere near. The flakies behaved like I had threatened to spank them and the jelly base was smooth and silky. So. Much. Love!!

Here she is in direct light, which reminds me that I need a new Ott light like woah.

Yaaaassssssss! I freaking die now. That amazing glow from the flakies is life. Let's ogle this baby just a little more, shall we?

Different lighting in both shots changes the depth a but, but still amazeballs.

And gratuitous macro shot, because flakies. Ignore the fuzzy center. Looks like I need a new macro lens. Waaaah!

Flakies!!!! Man, I can never have enough flakies. I wore this for three days, which is a long time for me. I have to mention that I usually use a peel off base coat with  flakies, but forgot. Removal was still super fast and easy. I have no idea what kind of witchcraft this woman is performing here, but this polish is super badass in every way.

I think this is definitely one of my all time fave polishes. I just love the colors and finish and depth - plus it just made me happy as hell to see this on my nails. I couldn't even stamp it because it was just too gorg on its own.

Hel and the rest of the Death Mythos Collection (which I have more of, and muuuuuuuuch more from IAMCCC) can be found at Ashlie has a ton of amazing polishes as well as bath bombs, cuticle oils, stamping polishes, etc.

**Disclaimer* Polish received at a discounted rate. These are my honest opinions regardless of product price or sample status. *

Welcome to Polished Tails!

It's been so long since I have clicked the "new post" button. I almost didn't do it, but I just can't post pretty polish pics without sharing a ton of other information that I would want to see before spending my hard earned cash on something. So here I am, blogging again when I swore that I would never come back.

I am a former blogger, but I went on hiatus in 2014. None of that matters though. Polish makes me happy, nail art makes me happy, so here I am. However, I am doing this on my terms this time. I'll post when I want to, and I can't say that I will be swatching all sorts of new polishes because I don't want to end up buried under deadlines that force me to choose between life and swatching. That just takes all the fun out of blogging. You be seeing I, A.M. Custom Color swatches as often as possible though. If there is one Indie brand that I truly believe in heart and soul, that's the one.

Polished Tails is my rebirth as a blogger. The name is a play on words, and refers to my love of foxes. I tried to find a cute fox with pretty nails, but uh, yeah.....

I'll be posting my social media links on the sidebar soon. I hate the whole layout process of blogging. I am horrible at it. ;)

Thanks for joining me. I'm crazy happy to be here.